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My name is Adelina and I want to help you plan your event! Whether it’s a wedding or a christening, you can trust in me that I’ll bring to fulfilment the vision you have for your event. I love creating unique experiences and memorable events.


My career as a wedding planner started with my own wedding! Just like you, I was searching for beautiful creative DIY wedding themes that will astonish my guests. I found what I needed but unfortunately nobody was selling it at the time in my region. That was the moment when I decided to make my own wedding decorations, and this is how theDIYwedding came to be this amazing online platform where you can find DIY wedding tutorials, but if there isn’t enough time so you can do it yourself, we can make them for you!


Our paper flowers are forever beautiful and lasting. All products are hand crafted, made from the highest-quality materials. We guarantee that even after 10 years, our paper flowers bouquets will look just as spectacular as they did in the first day!

We love making:

  • Paper flowers bridal bouquets

  • Fabric flower bridal bouquets

  • Brooch bridal bouquets

  • Accessories: groom badges, corsages, wreaths, flower crowns

  • Presents

We rent table flower arrangements, archway, decorative pillars, photo corner walls.



the DIY Wedding

Adelina Chirila

    Create, Inovate, Impress

    I believe you can be unique and spectacular when you are wearing the right items!

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You can choose the colors and material that we will use


We focus on creativity and uniqueness in design

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Dare to impresses! Be spectacular and radiates confidence with our products!

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